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Arts Centre BUDA creates an artistic context in which the artist's desire to create takes central place. Arts Centre BUDA is in this way taking part in developing the BUDA city district into a productive workplace for artists and a crossroads for creative, enterprising people/organisations and a wide audience.

As a workspace, presentation platform and movie house, Arts Centre BUDA wants to play a leading role within the Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis and thus preserve and enhance recognition at an international level. Arts Centre BUDA believes it is important to pay constant attention to domestic and foreign partnerships, both inside and (more often) outside the arts sector

Humorologie festival
Annual passes nearby, at Marke, international humorologie festival. It found repeatedly Belgian and international humor festival talent, and stands at the cradle to the careers to almost every Belgian comic! An absolute must, top talent to spot prices!

Brewery Bockor
Brewery Bockor remains one of the most advanced breweries in the South West Flemish region and know the perfect balance between modern technology and traditional techniques. The brewery can be visited by groups.

Cinema during your stay
The Kinepolis complex is very near, barely five minutes.
The programming can be found on the official site.