The history about Het Verloren Gedicht

180 years of history, from monastery chapel to B&B

Het Verloren Gedicht

  • 1827: Pastor Robbe establishes a charity institution, together with a few teachers. The goal is to educate underprivileged children and to reside and heal elder people.
  • 1830: Julie Herbau, leader of the institution, and some of the teachers, enter the Order of the Daughters of Maria and Jozef.
  • 1831: The institution is reorganised as a monastery of the Sisters of Sint-Jozef.
  • 1857: A tombola for the construction of a chapel brings in 11 000 Belgian francs.
  • 1872: The construction of the chapel is finished, the monastery starts off with a flourishing boarding school.
  • 1956: The housing is taken down, the grounds get a new destination.
  • 1967: The last sisters leave the monastery. The school remains and gets new buildings.
  • 1968: The local council of Kortrijk decides to buy the chapel and the monastery. They decide to use the buildings for establishing urban services.
  • 1991: Meanwhile, the empty monastery and chapel are in an advanced state of decay. Jan Loosveldt, teacher in the nearby school, and spouse Marijke Barbe, owner of a local store in children's clothing, buy the buildings and decide to renovate them. The goal is to house the store of Marijke.
  • 1992: After a short and acute disease, Marijke Barbe passes away. The groundfloor ultimately serves as a lawyer office and later as a diet clerk office.
  • 2003: Jan and his children sell the chapel to Steven Coene, who decides to establish a doctor's practice.
  • 2006: Steven marries Ellen Pietrzak, teacher in Kortrijk. Together they decide to further renovate the chapel, and start a Bed & Breakfast.
  • 2008: After years of preparation and renovations, B&B Het Verloren Gedicht opens its doors. The chapel is restored in all its glory, and again provides education, nursing and housing...